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Tenerife Siam Mall

A shopping paradise for tourists and locals in the south of Tenerife “Tenerife Siam Mall” offers a new shopping concept with a great, modern, and open architecture. Shopping is possible here 365 days a year and is popular with tourists and locals alike. There are currently around 80 shops and 17 restaurants and bars in the mall. The shops are spread over 2 levels on around 30,000 square meters. On the ground floor, there are fashion shops, jewelry, bags, 2 cafes, and the large supermarket HiperDino.


“Tenerife Siam Mall” HiperDino supermarket on over 2,000 square meters offers a large meat and fish department, a wide range of wine and champagne, a department for organic products, fresh sushi from our own show production, cosmetics, and other products for daily shopping. A bakery and pastry shop with a large selection completes the offer.
Since the supermarket is also open on Sundays from 10:00 to 22:00, it is very convenient for tourists and the local population to go shopping after a relaxed stroll through the mall.


Fashion and accessories:
“Tenerife Siam Mall” is the largest shopping mall in the Canary Islands and offers a large selection from super cheap to high quality, especially for the purchase of fashionable clothing and accessories.
The following companies such as H&M, Zara and Zara Home, Timberland, Massimo Dutti, Sfera, Guess, Intermissimi, Swiss, Svarovski, Mango, Uysho, Punto Roma, Sunglass Hut, Havaianas, KUBA, Lefties, Calzedonia, Bershka, MaryPaz, Stradivarius, Springfield, Cortefiel, Pull & Bear, Hurley, and others offer their range. Of course, there are several shoe and sports shops and a pharmacy.

On the first floor of the “Tenerife Siam Mall,” there are a variety of restaurants for every taste.

There are fast food bars, Tex Mex, Spanish tapas, steak + BBQ bars, noodle boxes, as well as an Italian restaurant and various others with partly wonderful views over Playa de las Americas and the Atlantic to La Gomera. There is also a Starbucks Coffie shop for lovers of coffee specialties.

For children, there are also several shops with attractions such as a children’s playground and a children’s carousel. E.g. a tourist train in O.G. all around in which children can ride with a companion. There is also a rental of car-like scooters for children. So all members of the family get their money’s worth on a trip to Siam Mall.

Drinking water and drinking water filters in Tenerife

Drinking water and drinking water filters in Tenerife
The tap water is usually bad and not suitable for drinking. The authorities, therefore, recommend the use of purchased drinking water in Tenerife, which is usually offered in plastic bottles. As the lessor of holiday apartments, we provide all guests with a free bottle of mineral water when they move in. A bottle of mineral water is also available in our starter package, which is offered at an additional cost, for guests who arrive outside of shopping hours or on weekends. In the previous blog, we wrote about the origin of the water. The water from the galleries has a high concentration of various minerals and fluorine and can be contaminated with bacteria through partially open channels and come into contact with lead, copper, rust and verdigris through the transport of many kilometres in partially ancient pipes. According to Spanish law, drinking water in Tenerife must be chlorinated. It gets a disgusting taste. It is not suitable for drinking and should not be used for cooking. Boiling them is also not a solution. Although bacteria are killed here, the minerals and fluorine are still contained. Tea made from boiled water doesn’t taste like this either.

Then what’s the solution?
Tourists who are only in Tenerife for a limited period of time are recommended to buy drinking water in plastic bottles. The plasticizers in plastic bottles are negligible during this short-term consumption. For residents like us, as the author of this blog, it makes sense to use a good filter.

I have already tried many filters and can therefore only report from my experiences. I don’t want to advertise products either, just describe my experience. Fine filters, as is common in Germany, were clogged after a few days because the water from the pipe contained a lot of small stones and foreign bodies. Since these filters are quite expensive, filters with backwash technology and with UV radiation were tested. Here, too, it was the case that backwashing had to be carried out after a short time because the water pressure was too low. Nevertheless, the water was undrinkable. As a result, we had various carbon filter systems installed by several local representatives. The filtration was good for all of them, but the water always had an unpleasant taste. So not an acceptable solution.

Filtered water for 100% purity.

Only the installation of an activated carbon filter from the company NSA Type: 100S from the USA brought the results that we wanted. Silver particles for disinfection are incorporated into the activated carbon layer and it is easy to install under the washbasin. The drinking water can easily be drawn off with separate tap. The water tastes very natural without any aftertaste. Since then we have also been using this filter for some of our own properties that we rent out, such as apartments and holiday homes. For a household of 4 people, the filter will last about 3 years. So also a cheap solution. You can use Google to identify various suppliers for the filter at any time.


Hiking in Tenerife

For many years Tenerife has been developing into a hotspot for hikers. This takes account of the “spring climate” and interesting landscapes. In contrast to many other hiking areas, the Canary Islands have a temperate climate all year round. Not too hot in summer and not too cold in winter. Unfortunately, this is not known to many visitors. Of course, temperatures also change due to different altitudes. We calculate a reduction of approx. 0.6 ° C per 100m in height. If there is e.g. 24 ° C, it is only 19.2 ° C at an altitude of 800m. In addition, there is usually a slight cool breeze blowing from the sea so that the perceived temperature is a little lower. We, therefore, advise you to always bring warmer transitional clothing with you. You should also bring sturdy shoes, ideally hiking boots, as many paths are characterized by scree and stony ground. Water should also always be part of your equipment and not be forgotten. As well as good sun protection. Hiking trails often lead over the cloud line and the UV component of the sun is then very strong.

Guided hike for an insightful tour through the flora and fauna of Tenerife. 
Hikers are surprised by the diversity of the Canarian natural landscape. You will find lava fields, steep mountain paths, deep wet gorges, cool forests, mountain ridges with fantastic views from both sides of the coast and romantic mountain villages. There is a lot on offer and this in a relatively small space.

As the largest and most diverse island in the Canary Islands, Tenerife also has the best offers. The hiking trails are all very well developed and signposted. Those who follow the instructions can put together their own tours according to personal preferences. Nevertheless, we recommend a good hiking guide, who also explains the flora and fauna and special features of the chosen route. The Internet offers a large selection here and many of our customers have already arrived with a selection of tours for their upcoming vacation. Guests of Finca Palo Alto are preferred here. You can start walking straight away because the hiking trail to the abandoned village “Las Fuentes” (The Sources) goes right past the Finca. We are happy to advise you on site.

Places of power and magical places in Tenerife

Make positive use of Guanche’s knowledge about natural forces.

Some of the places of power and magical places on Tenerife are circular and geomantic places with a special feature, is the positive earth radiation with energy fields that can be used by nature, people, and animals. From a geo-ecological point of view, the ancestors of the islanders prepared the energy-producing places with rubble stones in such a way that food preparation and possibly ceremonies took place on them.

This has now been tested many times and sensitive people react positively to this phenomenon with increased energy and activity. Plants also react to these earth energies and can usually be observed through lush and healthy growth and behavior.

Effects of places of strength on the human organism:

  • Release of blockages and interference zones.
  • Strong regeneration for the organism
  • Conscious perception of energy flows
  • Flowing impulses for positive thoughts

Back then, like today, a good harvest was necessary for survival.

The indigenous population of Tenerife and their descendants, the Guanches, settled on the island thousands of years ago and, long before the development of tourism, were solely dependent on agriculture and were bitterly poor. Many families lived from the harvest from the small fields with poor soil and long dry seasons. The small plots had been wrested with great effort and physical work from the rocky mountainsides. You simply couldn’t afford to work the laboriously earned income in a place that had negative radiation and thus damages the processing of the valuable income. That would be fatal! Without the harvest, the farmers were starving and many had to leave the islands in the 19th century to start a new life in South America due to poor times and increasing populations.

The farmers got together to set up a threshing area (Spanish ERA) for the village at the best place.

Often you will find circular places with a diameter of about 10m in the outskirts. These are then laid out with flat stones and delimited from the outside with larger plates. In the center, there is usually a large flat stone with a hole in the middle. From these places, you always have a good view of the sea and the accompanying sea breeze.


The circles are old threshing floors. All places in the Canaries with particularly good visibility also have the disadvantage of “good wind”. Many buyers of real estate at good vantage points have noticed this today after purchasing and wondered why it is so windy on their plot.

However, good wind is a prerequisite for separating the wheat from the chaff.

In Europe, a flail was used for threshing. The threshing took place on the threshing floor. The straw with the filled arrows was put in a place and then the servants, in turn, opened the arrows with the flails. The barn floors are the bottom of the barn and were designed so that there were always two sides that could be opened. This ensured a passage that was usually strong at harvest time in autumn. The threshed straw was then removed with a wooden rake and the grain with the husks swept up. With a flat basket, the so-called winnow, it was thrown into the air and caught again. The wind drove the husks away and the grain fell back into the winnowing. An exhausting and arduous business.

It was done similarly in the Canaries. A wooden beam was inserted in the middle of the threshing floor and the straw was laid out in a circle on the floor. Then a donkey was harnessed and tied to the beam.

He got a floorboard encased with inlaid lava stones. Here a little boy had to stand on the board and watch out that the donkey did not empty itself into the wheat and urge it on. The donkey’s job now was to run in circles all day to break the grain out of the ears. Then clothes were spread out on the floor by throwing up the grain was separated from the wheat.

The board (Spanish Trilla) is colloquially called “Canarian surfboard” because of its similar shape.

The farming families also had their own flour mills. This consisted of two round lava stone discs with a diameter of approx. 50 cm. The upper one had a hole for filling in the grain. The mill was turned with a wooden stick and after a short time, you had the fresh flour for the day.

Today the use of Era’s has changed drastically.

At that time the farmers had a much higher feeling for the earth-energetic rays due to the natural contact with nature. The indigenous people of Tenerife understood the forces of nature and especially those of the earth and used them for themselves.


This spirituality of nature still exists today, but our modern society has focused more on the power of industrialization than on trusting the sensitive voice of nature. Thus today’s civilization has mostly lost this “attitude to life” due to rethinking and environmental pollution.

But these geomantic places can still be found in certain places and old dwellings of the Guanches on Tenerife, either at archaeological, restored sites or spots of the past centuries still hidden under scrub and rubble.

The nice thing is, immediately adjacent to the property of the Finca Palo Alto are two of these Urkanarian threshing places. We offer our guests the opportunity to rest for some time on a deck chair on the ERA, or to practice exercises on the yoga mat in this area. Some can be massaged there and others take their laptop with them to work creatively. The effect is that all previous guests relax and, in retrospect, are impressed by the positive energizing of the human body and mind.

Travel preparation for your holidays in Tenerife

Travel preparation for my Tenerife vacation.
Safe travel to Tenerife is also possible in Corona times. Whether you are planning a weekend trip, spending your vacation with your family or even relocating your home office to Tenerife for a long time, Tenerife is a perfect travel destination for every target group all year round! It is not without reason that the Canary Island is one of the most popular travel destinations for Germans. Here you can soak up the sun at any time of the year and experience a variety of activities in nature. In the following we want to help you to prepare your stay in Tenerife and to consider the most important points of arrival so that you can spend a relaxing time on the island.


Create a checklist for the baggage

A well-planned luggage checklist is helpful to pack the things you need for your stay in Tenerife and not to forget anything important. Think of your laptop charging cables or the list of passwords you need for your work. 

But you should also think of your outdoor shoes and enough sun protection! Tenerife is located close to the equator and topographically belongs to Africa, so the solar radiation is correspondingly intense here. If you are going to be in the north of the island, you should also bring warmer clothing and rainwear with you. In any case, a checklist is very helpful to keep track of things when packing your suitcase.

Most holidaymakers therefore prefer to travel by plane. The flight time from Germany is between four and five hours. There are two airports in Tenerife: one is in the north and the other in the south of the island. Most of the charter flights from Germany, however, go to Tenerife South Airport. There are also better capacities here in order to cope with a larger number of travelers during holiday periods. 

Plan the means of transport to Tenerife

There are different ways to get here:Basically, there is the option to travel to Tenerife by ferry from mainland Spain. If you are planning to stay longer and want to combine your stay with a stop on the Spanish mainland, this road trip can be worthwhile. The ferries leave from the port of Cadiz, a city in southern Spain. From there, the crossing takes about two days, which is why you have to plan a lot of time for the journey. That is probably the main reason why very few tourists set off to Tenerife with their own car.


In the current COVID-19 situation, you should definitely pack a sufficient number of FFP2 masks and / or surgical masks and disinfectant wipes for your trip. It is mandatory to wear masks at all airports. The same applies to the plane and on site in Tenerife

Book the safe valet service that has proven itself in Corona times, where you drive your car directly to the airport, where an employee of the parking lot operator will be waiting for you. 

Book a parking space at the airport in advance

It is also advisable to organize a parking space at the airport in good time. If you start looking at the airport shortly before departure, there is a risk that you will have to choose one of the expensive parking garages at the airport under time pressure so that you do not miss your plane. It is better to book your parking space in advance to save time, money and nerves! At Fluparks you can compare the cheap offers from private providers near the airports and book them immediately.


After a short handover protocol, he will park for you in the secured parking lot nearby. On the day of your return, he will bring your car straight back to the terminal so that you can get in and drive home. Absolutely comfortable and also corona-safe!

Arrange transport to the accommodation

With a package tour to Tenerife, you have usually already booked the transfer to the hotel. However, if you prefer to travel individually and far away from package tourism, a stay in a holiday home & finca Tenerife is better. To get there, buses and taxis are available at the airport, but you are more comfortable and flexible with a rental car on Tenerife. We advise you to book the rental car in advance so that you can read the contracts and insurance conditions carefully.
Pay attention to road traffic on site


Speed limits, in particular, but also other rules can deviate from our laws in many respects. In Tenerife, for example, you risk a fine if you just drive from the beach to the holiday home in swimwear. Planning ahead can save you money on parking tickets and avoid conflicts with local authorities.
With the right preparations, nothing stands in the way of your trip to Tenerife. We hope that we were able to give you helpful tips and wish you a relaxing stay on the sunny island!

If you plan to explore Tenerife by car, we recommend that you find out about the local conditions before you travel. This also includes familiarizing yourself with the routes and road conditions. Do you already know which vacation spots you want to visit? Then check out the routes in advance on the Internet. You should also know the road traffic regulations in Spain. 

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