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Tenerife Siam Mall

Tenerife Siam Mall A shopping paradise for tourists and locals in the south of Tenerife “Tenerife Siam Mall” offers a new shopping concept with a great, modern and open architecture. Shopping is possible here 365 days a year and is popular with tourists and locals alike. There are currently around 80 shops and 17 restaurants and … Read more

Hiking in Tenerife

For many years Tenerife has been developing into a hotspot for hikers. This takes account of the “spring climate” and interesting landscapes. In contrast to many other hiking areas, the Canary Islands have a temperate climate all year round. Not too hot in summer and not too cold in winter. Unfortunately, this is not known … Read more

Places of power and magical places in Tenerife

Make positive use of Guanche knowledge about natural forces. Some of the places of power and magical places on Tenerife are circular and geomantic places with a special feature, it is the positive earth radiation with energy fields that can be used by nature, people and animals. From a geo-ecological point of view, the ancestors … Read more

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