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Drinking water and drinking water filters in Tenerife

Drinking water and drinking water filters in Tenerife
The tap water is usually bad and not suitable for drinking. The authorities, therefore, recommend the use of purchased drinking water in Tenerife, which is usually offered in plastic bottles. As the lessor of holiday apartments, we provide all guests with a free bottle of mineral water when they move in. A bottle of mineral water is also available in our starter package, which is offered at an additional cost, for guests who arrive outside of shopping hours or on weekends. In the previous blog, we wrote about the origin of the water. The water from the galleries has a high concentration of various minerals and fluorine and can be contaminated with bacteria through partially open channels and come into contact with lead, copper, rust and verdigris through the transport of many kilometres in partially ancient pipes. According to Spanish law, drinking water in Tenerife must be chlorinated. It gets a disgusting taste. It is not suitable for drinking and should not be used for cooking. Boiling them is also not a solution. Although bacteria are killed here, the minerals and fluorine are still contained. Tea made from boiled water doesn’t taste like this either.

Then what’s the solution?
Tourists who are only in Tenerife for a limited period of time are recommended to buy drinking water in plastic bottles. The plasticizers in plastic bottles are negligible during this short-term consumption. For residents like us, as the author of this blog, it makes sense to use a good filter.

I have already tried many filters and can therefore only report from my experiences. I don’t want to advertise products either, just describe my experience. Fine filters, as is common in Germany, were clogged after a few days because the water from the pipe contained a lot of small stones and foreign bodies. Since these filters are quite expensive, filters with backwash technology and with UV radiation were tested. Here, too, it was the case that backwashing had to be carried out after a short time because the water pressure was too low. Nevertheless, the water was undrinkable. As a result, we had various carbon filter systems installed by several local representatives. The filtration was good for all of them, but the water always had an unpleasant taste. So not an acceptable solution.


Filtered water for 100% purity.
Only the installation of an activated carbon filter from the company NSA Type: 100S from the USA brought the results that we wanted. Silver particles for disinfection are incorporated into the activated carbon layer and it is easy to install under the washbasin. The drinking water can easily be drawn off with separate tap. The water tastes very natural without any aftertaste. Since then we have also been using this filter for some of our own properties that we rent out, such as apartments and holiday homes. For a household of 4 people, the filter will last about 3 years. So also a cheap solution. You can use Google to identify various suppliers for the filter at any time.

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