“Questions and Answers for Tenerife Holiday Dreams”

So that you are properly prepared for your Tenerife dream holiday, we provide you with customer questions and our answers in our FAQ.
Please ask us. Most of the time it is possible.

“Please give us the exact address to get here with a GPS.”

Unfortunately, this is not possible with all properties, especially fincas. These are sometimes on private roads which Google cannot display and you end up in nirvana. Please follow the directions so that you arrive correctly.

“Cash payment”
Some homeowners only accept this form of payment and we pass this on to guests.

“Holiday Rental Houses & Fincas”

“Is there German television in the rental property?”
Yes, we use a receiver for the European Astra satellite TV and there are other European channels besides German.

“Do we need a rental car?”

That depends on the location of the object. Since most of our rental properties are outside of the tourist zones, it usually makes sense to rent a car. We would be happy to get this for you.

“What’s the weather like in December, for example?
The Canary Islands have a temperate spring climate. Not too hot in summer and not very cold in winter. For objects in the mountains, however, warm transitional clothing is recommended.

“Are consumables such as toilet paper, vinegar, oil, salt, pepper, dish soap, dishwasher tabs, etc. available?”
There are only toilet paper and some starter tabs. The other articles are no longer permitted due to Corona.

“Are there beach towels?”

Beach towels are for use on the patio only and should not be taken onto the beach.
“Are there bed linen and towels in the property or do we have to bring them with us?”
Both bed linen and towels are plentiful and are changed weekly.

Tenerife Holiday Dreams