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Hiking in Tenerife

For many years Tenerife has been developing into a hotspot for hikers. This takes account of the “spring climate” and interesting landscapes. In contrast to many other hiking areas, the Canary Islands have a temperate climate all year round. Not too hot in summer and not too cold in winter. Unfortunately, this is not known to many visitors. Of course, temperatures also change due to different altitudes. We calculate a reduction of approx. 0.6 ° C per 100m in height. If there is e.g. 24 ° C, it is only 19.2 ° C at an altitude of 800m. In addition, there is usually a slight cool breeze blowing from the sea so that the perceived temperature is a little lower. We, therefore, advise you to always bring warmer transitional clothing with you. You should also bring sturdy shoes, ideally hiking boots, as many paths are characterized by scree and stony ground. Water should also always be part of your equipment and not be forgotten. As well as good sun protection. Hiking trails often lead over the cloud line and the UV component of the sun is then very strong.

Guided hike for an insightful tour through the flora and fauna of Tenerife. 
Hikers are surprised by the diversity of the Canarian natural landscape. You will find lava fields, steep mountain paths, deep wet gorges, cool forests, mountain ridges with fantastic views from both sides of the coast and romantic mountain villages. There is a lot on offer and this in a relatively small space.

As the largest and most diverse island in the Canary Islands, Tenerife also has the best offers. The hiking trails are all very well developed and signposted. Those who follow the instructions can put together their own tours according to personal preferences. Nevertheless, we recommend a good hiking guide, who also explains the flora and fauna and special features of the chosen route. The Internet offers a large selection here and many of our customers have already arrived with a selection of tours for their upcoming vacation. Guests of Finca Palo Alto are preferred here. You can start walking straight away because the hiking trail to the abandoned village “Las Fuentes” (The Sources) goes right past the Finca. We are happy to advise you on site.

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