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Dear Client , Please add here your Arrival Time, if you need a Rental Car if you wish to add the pool heating or spa and any other wishes for your booking.

Please Write here your flight details, such as flight Number and Arline, Arrival Time, Departure Time.
Please write here if you wish to book a rental car with us and write details such as Make, Model and Options for the car.
Please write here if you wish to add the Pool Heating for 16,00 €/Day at Apartments Vistamar or 20,00 €/Day at Penthouse Vistamar and Villa Vistabella. At our Finca Palo Alto you can add the Spa fee of 5,00 €/Day for the 6 house: La Casita, La Paloma, Casa Azul , Casa Verde, Casa Amarilla and Casa Niagara.
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